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Are your gutters having a hard time? Your gutters protect your home from rain and moisture. If your gutters aren’t being cared for, you could risk some serious consequences. Regular cleaning and gutter repair services can help you avoid the many complications that can arise from a faulty gutter system


Contact Winston’s Gutter Service as soon as you recognize the signs of damaged gutters. Don’t know what the signs are? Find out below.

Why You Should Get Professional Gutter Repair

Many homeowners are do-it-yourselfers—and that’s okay. But not when it comes to gutter repair. Your safety should be a top priority. That’s why it’s best to contact Winston’s Gutter Service. Plus, addressing gutter issues yourself can lead to bigger problems in the future.

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4 Signs You Need Gutter Repair Services

Your gutters get a lot of action, so it’s important to keep up with their upkeep. Below are five telltale signs that you need gutter repair.

1. Leaking Gutters

If your gutters have developed leaks, it can be due to corrosion or branches puncturing holes. Regardless of the cause, it’s important to solve the leak fast. As soon as you notice a leak, contact Winston’s Gutter Service, and we’ll take care of it.


2. Gutters Pulling Away

Your gutters are supposed to stay attached to the fascia boards. If you notice your gutters pulling away from the fascia, then they will start to droop or sag over time. When this happens, water can leak down the walls of your home or even inside your home.


3. Downspout Issues

Downspouts are designed to flow water away from your home. If your downspouts aren’t positioned correctly, then you could end up with a sizable puddle of water collecting around your foundation. 


4. Rusty Gutters

Rust almost always indicates that there is standing water inside your gutters. If your gutters are harboring copious amounts of water, the issue can almost always be traced back to bad pitching.


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Consequences of Ignoring Gutter Issues

Putting your gutters on the back burner can lead to some serious outcomes. Below is what can happen if you ignore a malfunctioning gutter system:


Water that collects in your gutters or around your home can lead to foul stenches. These odors are typically caused by mold growth and bacteria.



Standing water is like a beacon for insects. If you notice a mosquito problem, there could be excess water in your gutters. In contrast, clogged gutters can attract small critters like squirrels and mice.


Leaks & Floods

Leaks and floods jeopardize your home’s structure. If excess water collects near your home’s foundation, water causes slabs to crack, impacting the integrity of your home.


Rotting Soffits & Fascia 

Water that continues to leak out of your gutters can cause your soffits and fascia to rot. Not only will this look visually unappealing, but it puts your household at risk.

Types of Gutter Repair Winston’s Offers

At Winston’s Gutter Service, we specialize in providing solutions for all your gutter repair needs. Our experienced team is skilled in various types of gutter repair, ensuring that your gutter system functions without fail and protects your home from water damage. 


Here are some of the gutter repair services we offer:

Renailing Gutters

Over time, gutter nails can loosen or become damaged. Our experts will carefully inspect your gutters and renail them, reinforcing their attachment to your home. This service ensures that your gutters remain in place, effectively moving water away from your property.


Restrapping Leaders

If your leaders are sagging or detached, it can lead to water damage. Our skilled technicians will strap your leaders, ensuring they are securely fastened and functioning properly. This service helps to maintain the proper flow of water, protecting your home’s foundation.


Replacing Leaders

In some cases, leaders may become beyond repair. Our team is equipped to replace your leaders with high-quality material that matches your current gutter system. By replacing damaged or malfunctioning leaders, we ensure that water is effectively directed away from your home.


Replacing Leaking Corners

Leaking corners can lead to excess water seepage, causing damage to your property’s exterior and foundation. Winston’s skilled technicians will examine and replace any leaking corners, securing a watertight seal. Our corner replacement service helps prevent water from leaking and pooling around your home.


Soffit or Fascia Repair & Maintenance

The soffit and fascia aren’t just visual components of your home—they are an important part of your gutter system. We offer thorough repair and maintenance services for your soffit and fascia, tackling issues such as rotting, cracking, or damage caused by critters.


Inspecting Gutter Pitch

An offset pitch can have repercussions. If the pitch of your gutter system is incorrect, water can accumulate and lead to overflowing issues. Winston’s professionals will inspect the pitch of your gutters, making the necessary adjustments to achieve a perfect pitch.


Inspecting for Leaks

Finally, our team will inspect and identify any leaks or potential weak spots. Leaks lead to big problems. We will then repair or seal these areas so that we leave your gutters leak-free and functioning as they should.


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